Like bars, coffee houses have a long history of offering environments in which people can easily socialize amongst their own groups and (often) with strangers. This is reflected in language; when people say “meet for coffee,” they primarily mean meet to socialize or talk. Historically, coffee houses have been places where people gather, chat, work, write and pass the time.

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“Do you remember the cafe La Poesía, that magic night in San Telmo… Buenos Aires weaved our encounter, so romantic and sweet Lulú…”

– Horacio Ferrer (from the tango Lulú)

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Great Coffee Meets Great People

Tortoni is an independent local alternative. Our menu is simple, with a focus on organic, fair-traded coffee from our magnificent roaster. We complement it with high quality baked goods and healthy food items. A visit to Tortoni provides a memorable experience that excites the palate, satisfies the senses and provides perfect conditions to meet friends or have a business meeting..



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